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How to keep your baby cool on the beach

How to keep your baby cool on the beach

The ABC’s Public TV show How to Keep Your Baby Cool on the Beach has put together a handy infographic for parents looking to keep their baby cool during the hot summer months.

The infographic is designed to help mothers and fathers keep their babies cool while at home.

You’ll find an infographic about the different ways to cool down, including the ways to use a heated towel or heated bath, use your water bottle to cool your baby down or use a hot shower.

You’ll also find a section where you can find tips on how to cool a baby down at home and the tips for keeping your baby from overheating.

The infographic includes a few useful tips to help parents cool down while at the beach.

Here are a few tips to keep baby cool while your baby is at home:Wear a warm hat and wrap your baby in a blanket to keep him cool.

Use a heat pad or heat resistant blanket to heat your baby’s head to around 65 degrees C (134 degrees F).

Put your baby on a towel to cool him down and put a towel over your shoulder so your baby doesn’t get sweaty.

Make sure your baby wears a hat and gloves, and don’t wear hats or gloves on your head while you are at the water.

Wear protective gear, like a towel or heat pad, to keep babies cool.

If you are out at sea, wear a life jacket.

When your baby gets wet, keep him warm by putting a wet washcloth on your hand or wrist to cool the baby down.

Get a bath and shower to keep the baby cool.

Put your towels under your baby and turn them on.

Use a heated bath and towel.

Wash your baby with soap and water.

When the sun comes out, turn off the heat and towel for 30 seconds and put your baby back in the bath.

The ABC’s How to Cool Down infographic has been shared more than 4.6 million times and has been viewed more than 50 million times on Facebook.

The graphic was produced by Aussie Baby.

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