Why Maryland Public TV Is Trying To Make The Maryland Public Television System “Uncomfortable”

Why Maryland Public TV Is Trying To Make The Maryland Public Television System “Uncomfortable”

MARYLAND — Public television stations are trying to make the state’s public TV system uncomfortable, with a new ad urging viewers to vote for a candidate who “would end the state shutdown and allow us to be more responsive to you.”

In the ad, titled “Uncompromised Maryland,” the station’s director of public affairs, Chris Jankowski, says that he would support Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bolling, and that “in the past, the governor and I have spoken on the issues we both care about.”

But Bolling has not endorsed Bolling for president, and in fact, he has said he would not be able to run for president.

The ad says that Bolling would bring “a more collaborative, accountable government” to the state and would “stop Washington from breaking the law.”

“This ad is not meant to be political or partisan, but to show that the people of Maryland are not willing to support the politics of division and divisionism,” Jankowski said.

The ad is part of a broader effort to get people to cast their ballot in the upcoming gubernatorial and House elections, which are expected to be among the most hotly contested in the nation.

The Maryland Public Broadcasting System has not commented on the ad or the campaign.

Bolling, a former lobbyist for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, was not available for comment on the new ad.

Bolls campaign manager, John Stokes, said that Bolles views on the budget are based on “common sense” and that he supports a $2 billion “state budget repair package” that includes $2.3 billion for public television, $1.6 billion for broadband, and $1 billion for infrastructure.

Stokes said that in addition to Bolles “common-sense” budget plans, Bolles has supported a “fair” state tax and fee increase, which he said would help pay for new infrastructure.

He also wants to raise the state sales tax to 20 percent, which is higher than the current 8.5 percent, and also has called for eliminating the “income tax exemption” that is available to people earning more than $100,000 a year.

He said that a reduction in the state income tax exemption for the middle class would also be a good thing, as it would lower the burden on people making between $75,000 and $100-200,000.

Bills campaign spokesman, David Miller, said in a statement that Bollers positions on taxes, education, and healthcare are not a “partisan position.”

“He believes that public education is the best in the country, that our public schools are among the best, and he supports the Governor’s plan to increase state spending on education and infrastructure,” Miller said.

“He’s an advocate for education, jobs, and jobs in Maryland.”

Bollings campaign said in its statement that the ad’s message is not based on the candidate’s views, but instead is meant to show how Bollings positions on issues, such as health care, will affect voters.

“We’re just saying it’s a matter of fact that the candidate has supported higher taxes on middle-income families,” Stokes said.

Banks campaign, which has raised $6.3 million in a two-day online ad buy, has also taken aim at the new ads.

In a statement, Banks spokesman, Michael Ainsworth, said, “This ad does not represent the views of the campaign or its supporters.

We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on television ads throughout the year and we’re proud of our record.”

In April, the public television network announced a $50 million deal with Fox News to broadcast coverage of the 2016 presidential election.

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