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When I see the video of the U.S. Navy firing a drone into a war zone, I want to cry

When I see the video of the U.S. Navy firing a drone into a war zone, I want to cry

A veteran of the Vietnam War said he sees a video of a drone firing a missile into a conflict zone on YouTube every time he sees it.

That’s because the video shows a U.N. peacekeeping force that is also firing missiles at other countries.

“I watch it every time I see it, but I also watch it in the U-turn and I see what’s happening on the other side,” said the retired Marine colonel, who is a volunteer at the UAV Association, a group that helps pilots and their families learn how to fly their own unmanned drones.

“It’s like an emotional thing.

And I’m like, ‘Well, there are some really good drones out there, but you need to learn how you can get there.'”

While drones are increasingly being used in war zones, many have been condemned by human rights advocates for causing widespread civilian deaths.

The U.K.-based UAV Alliance estimates there are about 30,000 UAVs in the world, and the UAS Association estimates that there are thousands of unmanned aircraft in the hands of militias and terrorist groups, according to the group’s website.

In the video, one pilot is shown trying to get a drone up to a height of about 150 feet before it’s hit by missiles.

He then takes out the weapon, but it’s destroyed.

Afterward, another UAV pilot shows up and points the weapon toward the scene of the crash.

The pilot, who has not been identified, tries to get the drone back up, but the UAB missiles hit the drone, causing it to crash.

One of the pilot’s sons said the UAA is the reason he stopped flying.

“He just got shot down,” said Michael Breslau, the father of the man who is the pilot of the drone.

Breslaus said he hopes to fly again.

“But it will take more than that,” he said.UAA spokesman David Ehrlich said the group is investigating the video.

He said the pilot did not get his weapons back.

“That is the worst thing that happened,” Ehrliches said.

The video of Breslawu was uploaded by the drone group UAA.

A representative for the UIA said the video has been removed.

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