A show about a mother who fights for her son’s freedom

A show about a mother who fights for her son’s freedom

A show called “Nova” is set to air on TV on September 15.

This is the second time the show has been created by the Jerusalem-based producer and director, Dr. Tamar Elman.

The first was a pilot for a program called “The Night.”

The producers decided to start again with this story, and it is set in Tel Aviv, with a mother, Avi, fighting for her children’s freedom.

Elman and his wife, Aviva, created the show because Avi was afraid that her children would be taken away.

She was an activist for the right of children to be separated from their families.

Aviva wanted to raise her children, but she was afraid of what would happen to her husband and father if he was caught in the act.

The show was created with Aviva in mind.

She wanted to use the show as a platform to raise awareness of the issues facing the Palestinian people and to help them.

Elmans team wanted to create a show that would address the injustices that Palestinians face.

“NOVA” is the brainchild of Elmans daughter, Elad Elman, who also is an award-winning producer.

Elad is an activist who has participated in several projects in the Middle East.

“The first thing we said to the producer was that we want to create something that is very powerful, and that’s why we decided to use our talents,” Elman said.

“We thought it was a really good idea to do this show, to use this show to show the world that there are people fighting for the rights of Palestinians, and to show that there is support in the international community for the Palestinians.”

The show will focus on Avi and her husband, Avram.

It will be a family drama about the struggle for children’s rights.

Elan says that the show will also be about the issues of Israel and the Palestinians.

“It’s a story about the children of Israel.

It’s a show about the struggles of the Palestinian Authority,” Elan said.

Elon is also involved in several programs in the Arab world.

“I like to work with actors, because it’s not that difficult.

I am a big fan of actors, I love acting,” Elon said.

His love for acting is reflected in his work.

He said that he had the opportunity to work on the film “The Boy,” in which he plays a young Palestinian boy who is kidnapped by the Israelis and brought to Jerusalem.

“In the beginning I was very upset, I didn’t know how I was going to handle the whole situation,” Elton said.

The director and producer of “Novella” says that “Novo” will be more than just a family comedy.

“This show is really a story of love, and how love is an important element of life,” Elen said.

He hopes that the public will enjoy the show and that it will be viewed by the Israeli and Palestinian audiences as a tool for understanding the struggles between the two communities.

“Every day I get more messages from people that are trying to explain the struggle that the Palestinians face,” Elran said.

Elman is the director of “The Book of Shadows,” a production by Israeli producer and filmmaker Shlomo Efrat.

The production was inspired by a book by Elman called “Children of Israel.”

He says that his work with Efrats show is inspired by his own experience.

“My own life story is very similar to the one of the children that I was trying to show,” Elmans said.

When Elman first started working with Efranat, he had just one goal: to create an Israeli-Palestinian drama.

“If I’m honest, my first project was just to create stories about Israel and Palestine.

My hope was that people would understand that Israel is the state of the Jewish people, and I wanted to show them how the people of Israel are suffering.

The idea that I want to share with the world is that it’s very important that they understand the suffering of the Palestinians,” Elm said.

In the meantime, Elman has been involved in a project in which a Palestinian woman, Khadijah, is trying to escape from her family, which is based in the occupied West Bank.

Elm says that Khadji is a fighter for her freedom.

“She is fighting for what she feels she is entitled to,” Elmer said.

Khadiah has been forced to flee her home in the West Bank because her father was killed by the IDF.

She fled the Westbank to the city of Hebron, and now lives there.

The project is called “A Boy.”

It is based on Khadiya’s story and was created by Elan.

“There was one scene that I created for this film that I have never seen before, and the director asked me to give it to Khadiyah.

I gave her the scene and she was

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