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How to watch TV shows from the Bible, Quran and Quran in 2017

How to watch TV shows from the Bible, Quran and Quran in 2017

A new TV show, the Bible: Quran: The Bible, premiered in Israel on Sunday.

The Bible: The Quran: TV series is the latest effort by a group of people to revive the original TV series of the Bible.

Its creator, Shai Shafai, was born in Jerusalem in 1973 and spent his childhood in the Holy Land.

He became interested in the Bible after watching it on the internet.

He said it inspired him to write his own TV series about the Bible in 2018.

The show has garnered a lot of attention in Israel and around the world.

In 2017, the first episode of the show aired on Israel’s Channel 10, which is part of the Israeli state broadcaster, and it has since been aired on the Israeli Channel 2.

The Jerusalem-based group “Door to Door” is helping to bring the Bible to television.

The first episode featured an interview with the Bible’s author, Matthew 24:27, the episode that is used as the basis of the series.

In the interview, the writer is shown quoting passages from the Quran.

“This is how the Quran translates Matthew 24 in the bible, and this is how it translates the bible in the Quran,” Shafari said.

“And so this is what you see in the television show.”

The series is being produced in cooperation with Israeli broadcaster Ynet, and will be aired on Channel 2, the Israeli broadcaster said in a statement.

The Israeli television channel has previously shown an episode of Bible: the Quran: Bible on January 6.

In January 2017, Shafali and his team traveled to Jerusalem to attend the launch of the new series.

The two-hour program includes interviews with some of the original Bible writers and narrators, as well as interviews with Bible fans.

“The Bible is one of the holy books in the world,” Shavar Zvi, the head of the project at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said.

The new series is also being produced by a company called “Israel Bible,” which is funded by the Ministry of Culture, which oversees cultural and heritage projects.

“We are using the funds that we have to bring this show to the world and to bring a new and fresh perspective on the Bible,” said Shafaria.

“It is important to me that we bring a perspective that is different from what the Bible has been, which was very simplistic, and very Western, and that’s why I think it is very important for the world that we see this new, different Bible.”

Shafarian said he believes the series will be a success.

“I believe that this series will bring the biblical world to TV and to the viewers, and hopefully to help them understand the Bible better, and I hope that it will become an important part of their lives.”

The first season of the first season was released on Netflix in February 2018.

Shafaris team hopes to produce more episodes.

“In the future, we are going to create a TV series, but this one is not finished yet,” he said.

Shawar has previously stated that he plans to continue producing the Bible series in the future.

“Maybe it will take another year or two to do a second season.

We have already done one and I have no doubt that we will do another one, and we hope to continue this,” he told Channel 10.

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