What we learned from a visit to Argentina’s most famous television station

What we learned from a visit to Argentina’s most famous television station

Buenos Aires is a hub for TV, and one of the most popular spots is the Buenos Aires television station, which is owned by Televisa, the parent company of the network Univision.

But a visit by a photographer to the station in 2017 led to some unexpected discoveries.

The station’s logo is made up of three lines: buena, tv, and veces.

“Veto” means “no,” and the word veces is the Latin word for “no.”

And the buena in that logo stands for “the station.”

The station is the mainstay of Buenos Aires.

The country has only around 20,000 television households, but most of those are in the wealthier areas of the city, like the posh, well-known districts of Calle de la Concha, Carrizal, and Carrasquillo.

The station’s main audience is the city’s upper classes, who flock to watch it.

Televisa has a reputation for producing quality programming.

But in 2017, the station’s ratings fell dramatically, and it faced the prospect of bankruptcy.

Television stations are supposed to be public property, but they are not supposed to become public property if they are in poor shape.

The stations in Buenos Aires are owned by a public entity, and they are legally responsible for what they put on air.

But that doesn’t mean the stations are immune from public criticism.

Argentina’s government, which has pushed the nation toward austerity and privatization, has blamed the station for the country’s economic woes, and in March 2017, Argentina’s Supreme Court ordered Televisas creditors to pay over $2 billion to the state.

The judge said the government was not obligated to pay for the station, and the government could force the station to close.

Telegrapha, which owns the station and is part of the state-owned Argentine Broadcasting Company, sued the judge, claiming that he had been influenced by Telegazans pressure.

Telegazan, which operates in Buenos Ayres, a coastal city near the city of Buenos Ayre, argued that the station was part of its public assets, and could be forced to pay the creditors for damage caused by Telegrapha.

The judge sided with Telegazaans argument.

Telegramas creditors sued the station again in 2018, but this time, the judge ruled that TelegaS could not force the Argentine government to pay.

Telegazans president, Miguel Díaz Ríos, argued in a court filing that the court had overstepped its authority, and that the ruling did not affect the station.

“The decision is a violation of our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly,” he wrote.

“Telegraphos legal position was not based on the fact that the plaintiff had to provide evidence of damages to Telegamas creditors, but instead based on Telegames pre-established position and pre-existing legal principles.”

Telegraphas attorney general, Ricardo Guevara, said the ruling was an example of Telegazonas “legal position that violates its obligations.”

Telegazonans attorney general also said that the decision was not “a judicial ruling” because Telegamaros lawyers were not present to defend the station at the time of the ruling.

Telimaxa, another Telegasaras partner, also sued Telegaze.

The agency is owned and operated by Telemazas government.

Telemazazas spokesperson, Jose Maria Castro, said that while the court was correct in stating that Televazas creditors would not have to pay, they were unable to pay because the agency could not prove Telegazes financial problems.

Teelabazas chief executive, Jose Miguel Fajardo, said Telegamezas legal position did not reflect the facts.

“Telegamazas position is based on pre-defined legal principles,” he said.

Teilabazans court is expected to rule on the lawsuit in February.

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