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What the new Google Ads app means for the TV industry

What the new Google Ads app means for the TV industry

Posted September 11, 2018 06:29:09The latest version of Google Ads for the web is now available for Apple TV.

The app, released on September 4, is designed to help publishers deliver more targeted advertising to viewers on their devices.

The change comes after a year-long process to improve the app.

It has been designed to take advantage of iOS 8 and Apple TV devices, which offer a larger screen.

The latest iteration of Google Adwords, dubbed Adwords Plus, is available in the app store, as well as on Google’s own Google TV.

Here’s a quick guide to how the new version works.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s now called “Ads Plus”.

This name refers to Google’s brand of ads.

This means that it contains more information about a particular product, rather than just a banner that you see when you search.

For example, if you search for a beer, the ad will show up alongside a list of beer-related ads.

Here, you’ll see a banner ad for a Bud Light beer.

This one is specifically designed for the Apple TV, which offers a smaller screen than Android or Windows 8 devices.

In addition to the regular ad, you can see an image of the product and see more details about it.

If you scroll through the list of products, you will find a list that looks something like this:When you see the Bud Light product, it will be a featured ad.

This is a banner advertisement for the product, which is then placed over the top of the regular Bud Light ad.

This is the Bud-branded product.

It appears in the ad above and is a featured product.

The next thing you see is a list called “Bud Light” and it’s a list for the new ad.

If the search term “Buds” or “BUD” doesn’t appear in the search box, you won’t see this.

The Bud-brand Bud Light is now the only product to be featured in the Adwords app.

This Bud product is featured.

Here’s the ad in full:Here’s the AdWords app in its latest build.

The ad above is from the Bud product.

Here is a screenshot of the Bud and Adwords ad.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Bud ad above appears in each ad as well.

You can see this in action in this ad from the new Adwords.

You can find more info about the new app here.

If you’re not already familiar with Google Ads, you may be wondering what these ads are about.

Adwords ads are paid ads that are displayed alongside other ads on the web.

These ads are designed to get you to click on the ads and give you more information.

Adwords ads have two main parts: content and placement.

Content is the content of the ad itself.

For instance, an ad that appears with the word “buy” will be the same as an ad with the text “Buy” in it.

In both cases, the content is shown.

Ads with more than one part of the content will be displayed on a separate page.

Placement is the placement of the ads within the ad.

For the Buds ad above, it is a sidebar ad with a banner.

This allows the Bud to appear in a separate section.

This ad is the “Buy it” one.

This ad is placed over all the other ads that appear in that ad.

The Bud product ad above includes all of the other Bud products in that section.

Here are the Bud products:The ad above contains the text Bud and the Adword ad.

The “Buy Bud” ad is not shown in this case because it is not featured in Adwords or Bud Ads Plus.

Advertising is a tricky business, and advertisers can spend a lot of time creating their ads.

In order to maximize the chances of getting more people to click, advertisers need to create an optimal mix of content and the right placement to maximize conversion.

The Adwords team has worked hard to make this a seamless experience for publishers and advertisers alike.

In order to see the new Ads app, you must first install it.

This will install Google’s Adwords for the Web app, which includes a few new features.

Here you can choose between two different layouts for your ads: the standard Adwords layout and a Bud-style layout.

The standard layout looks like this.

If the ad is featured, you get a notification.

If not, you see a message.

The standard layout.

Here the Bud advertising is displayed in a standard layout that you can also customize.

Here, the Adsense ad is displayed.

The Adsense advertising is a more interesting ad because it’s featured.

You will see a popup with the Bud brand on the left.

This Adsense advertisement is featured with Bud brand, Bud, and Bud logo.

Here we see an ad for the Bud “Miles” ad, which was previously featured in Bud

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