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The Australian Prime Minister is expected to announce a landslide victory in 2019 after Labor and the Greens collapsed in Parliament, the latest political blow to Australia’s embattled Coalition government.

The outcome of the September 2019 federal election could be a watershed for Australia and the world, and may see a revival of a more traditional conservative approach to politics, said Professor Tim Wilson, who has advised the Prime Minister on foreign affairs and defence.

Professor Wilson said the outcome of September 2019 could have profound implications for the Australian way of life and its national interests.

“The next federal election, which would see a Coalition government re-elected, could be an opportunity for the Prime Minster to take on the incumbent Prime Minister in a major leadership challenge, potentially ushering in a new era of a ‘new Australia’,” Professor Wilson told

“It is a significant moment for the future of Australia.

The election will be a pivotal one, and the result could determine whether Australia can continue to build on the success of its economy and its global position.”

Professor Wilson added that the result of September 2018 would be a “major milestone” for Australia’s democracy and a turning point in the country’s history.

“We will not be able to ignore the fact that it is the most important vote we have ever had in Australia’s history, and it will be important to make sure that the outcome reflects the national will of Australians,” he said.

“If we get to September 2019, the result will likely be a landslide win for the Coalition.”

Professor Tim Wills said the Coalition was now a minority government.

“Australia is now a new political party,” he told newscomau.

”There is a lot of excitement, a lot excitement about the next two years, and we are going to see the next few years of the Coalition take shape.

We will be in for a very long time to come,” he added. “

This will be the second time that the Labor Party has been in power for a decade and a half, and with the exception of 2010, we have never had an election that was a landslide.

We will be in for a very long time to come,” he added.

“I do think the outcome will be close, but not too close.”

Professor Paul Dyson, from the Australian National University, said that the September 2018 election would “set the tone for the next couple of years”.

“It will certainly set the tone,” Professor Dyson said.

Mr Turnbull, who is the Prime-Minister for four years, is likely to make his final announcement of 2019 in Sydney, the state capital.

He will be returning to Australia after a week-long overseas trip to attend a G20 summit in Brisbane.

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