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Why ‘Star Wars’ is making people cry

Why ‘Star Wars’ is making people cry

The world’s biggest television network has pulled the plug on a new show about the adventures of a young Han Solo and his pals after receiving a wave of criticism for its depiction of sexual assault.

Daystar said it would stop airing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” a new animated series based on the hit film.

The network, which includes a major chunk of the US and international TV market, had been hoping to put the show in production over the summer, but has faced heavy criticism for not putting a director on board.

The move comes after a string of sexual misconduct allegations against prominent Hollywood actors and actresses.

Last week, actor Kevin Spacey resigned as director of the show, which is a spin-off of the hugely popular “Star Trek” franchise, after allegations that he had groped a female intern.

The show’s executive producer said on Monday the new series would be produced by “a new team of creators who are in no way associated with Star Wars: Episode VIII,” and will be released in 2018.

Star Wars fans and celebrities were also angered by the show’s depiction of the events that led to the death of Princess Leia, the leader of the Rebellion.

They called for the show to be canceled immediately.

A group of women who work in the entertainment industry said the show was an assault on the power of women and their right to speak out.

The news comes amid widespread pressure to overhaul the way sexual harassment is handled in Hollywood, following the release of a Hollywood Reporter study showing that women made up only about a third of executives at the top of the industry in 2016.

A number of major companies are already considering changing their policies on the handling of sexual harassment complaints.

The “Starbucks,” a coffee chain owned by Starbucks, is investigating its board after a female employee reported being groped by one of its executives.

In November, a woman who worked at the movie studio DreamWorks filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accusing director and producer Kevin Tsujihara of sexual battery and other misconduct.

She said she was fired from the DreamWorks movie studio in March after a complaint.

Tsujihara is currently a director at Disney and has worked on several films, including “The Revenant.”

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