How to Stop the BBC from Binge-Watching Us: The TV Show Behind The ‘Towering’ TV Tower

How to Stop the BBC from Binge-Watching Us: The TV Show Behind The ‘Towering’ TV Tower

When the BBC’s The Towering Inferno was on the air, you couldn’t help but wonder why.

For decades the BBC had made a point of creating shows that could challenge the status quo in terms of technology, storytelling, and tone.

They did this by making them as realistic as possible, which allowed the BBC to explore themes that were often taboo.

However, this didn’t work well for a show about a dystopian future where technology is ubiquitous and everything is controlled by robots.

The Tower, a show set in an alternate-history Earth, became a hit in its day, but it was too difficult for younger viewers to grasp.

“We wanted to tell something about the way we live in the 21st century and about the pressures on young people,” says Jonny Langford, the BBC Worldwide Head of Strategy.

“It’s not just about technology, it’s about the world around us.

It’s about technology being the answer to everything, and the answer for people.

That was really the main thing.”

The BBC was desperate for the show to appeal to a broader audience, so they went out of their way to create an environment that was challenging for younger audiences.

Langford says they made it a point to make the Towering world a dystopia, because it was such a stark and realistic portrayal of the future.

It allowed the audience to imagine what a dystopian future would look like.

The first episode of the show, The Tower is set in a dystopian world where technology and society has completely collapsed, and people are trapped in a series of towers.

The Towers are all connected by a network of tunnels.

When the story goes to press, Langford explains, there are no towers in this world, but there are a series that exist on the opposite side of the world, and that’s where the show is set.

Langfield says the show’s world is a lot more realistic than anything else on the BBC, but the show also had a lot of fun.

“The show was just so much fun,” he says.

“You were in the room, there were no other people in the world and there was nothing to do, but we were so immersed in it that we really wanted to get to the next level.

We wanted to explore the idea of a post-truth world where we don’t have to believe in the facts, we don

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